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I'm Morgan, a graphic designer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Born and raised in Ohio, I earned my BFA in Graphic Design with University Honors from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in 2019 before migrating north to the Great Lakes State.

I have over 4 years of experience with inbound marketing and e-commerce agencies, where I've helped clients across a variety of industries reach larger audiences online. I specialize in web design, UI, and brand design—with a preference for fun and colorful projects!

My ideal clients are passionate about accessibility and inclusion. Areas of particular interest include reproductive justice and abortion access, healthcare, LGBTQ+, education, and community engagement. If that sounds like you, feel free to reach out.

Outside of my design practice, I love finding creative ways to exercise (check out aerial silks), playing video games, and collecting way too many books.


Here's what people are saying.

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I have worked with many freelance graphic designers over the course of my career and Morgan has been the best, hands down. They always meet (or beat!) deadlines for projects—even amid our shifting design needs and priorities. And they are an incredibly responsive and clear communicator. From business cards, to digital campaign graphics, to research reports, Morgan has constantly exceeded expectations for all of our graphic design goals.

Zach Eisenstein

Communications Lead, SIECUS

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One aspect that truly sets Morgan apart is their ability to navigate client interactions with finesse and insight. They have a remarkable talent for understanding clients' preferences even when they may not be entirely clear about what they want. Morgan's passion for design and commitment to client satisfaction make them a valuable asset to any organization.

Jen Spencer

CEO, SmartBug Media

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I highly recommend Morgan Gale, an exceptional talent who pushes the boundaries of UI functionalities while thinking strategically and conceptually. Their dedication to producing visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces is remarkable, and they possess a unique ability to anticipate future requirements, ensuring long-term relevance. With a visionary approach and strong visual design skills, Morgan consistently creates immersive user experiences that align seamlessly with brand identities and business objectives. Their positive attitude, collaborative nature, and attention to detail make them a valuable asset to any team. Without a doubt, Morgan will elevate the quality of any design project they are involved in.

Kelly Smith

Senior Creative Director, SmartBug Media


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