Aspacher for Mayor Campaign

Mike Aspacher, president of Bowling Green City Council, needed to refresh his image for his 2019 mayoral campaign. I designed a polished visual identity that propelled him to win his election.



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Graphic Designer, Bowling Green State University

Yard sign with Aspacher for Mayor campaign branding

The challenge

Mike Aspacher had held a seat on City Council for nine years, but he set his sights higher for the 2019 election. He needed to appeal to a much broader voter base in order to advance his career and win the position of mayor.

My team was tasked with creating an identity system that conveyed Aspacher's progressive politics without alienating his base of family-oriented voters over the age of thirty.

Desktop mockup of final designMobile mockup of final design
Excerpt from the Aspacher for Mayor brand guide showing typography and logo usage

The solution

The new brand utilizes shades of blue evoking dependability and safety, recognizable Bowling Green imagery, and “loud and large” type treatments to grab voters' attention. The logo was developed with both horizontal and round variations that can be deployed across a wide variety of touchpoints, meeting voters where they are.

Aspacher branded tote bag with a button from the campaign
More excerpts from the Aspacher for Mayor brand guide showing logo usage, typography, and color paletteBranded stationery set with matching envelopes and business cardsThank you card with alternate version of the Aspacher logo


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