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Cunningham & Associates is a tax advisory firm that sets itself apart from the competition with its fun company culture, but the website needed some love. I transformed the firm's site with a clean and modern design that allows their personality to shine through.


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UI Designer, SmartBug Media

Hero section for Cunningham & Associates homepage

The challenge

Did you know it's possible to feel excited about doing taxes? The folks at Cunningham & Associates are experts at it—but you wouldn't have known that from their web presence. Their website was outdated, confusing, and performed poorly, with uninspiring graphics that could've belonged to any boring tax firm.

C&A needed a new website that would position them as industry experts and educate potential clients about their services in an approachable way. Additionally, they needed an interactive calculator tool for businesses interested in claiming the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC).

Desktop mockup of final designMobile mockup of final design
Tabbed module on industry page allowing the user to click on different industries in the sidebar

The solution

The refreshed website engages potential clients with interactive sliders, a side-by-side vendor comparison, stats, and testimonials that reinforce C&A's expertise. Vibrant red swoops and swooshes from the logo serve as both a container for images and an interesting graphic element. An industry overview page condenses what used to be separate pages into a single tabbed module, making it easy for clients to understand how Cunningham & Associates can help their business at a glance.

Full homepage design for Cunningham & Associates
Interactive slider module with overview for each industry served

Interactive calculator

A simple online quiz enables businesses to calculate their eligibility for the ERTC. Playful icons and a progress bar guide the user through the series of questions, encouraging them to make it to the end and submit their contact information to Cunningham & Associates.

Interactive quiz question asking the user whether their business has been impacted by the pandemic


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