SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change

SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change is a national nonprofit that has advocated for every person’s right to accurate and comprehensive sex education since 1964. I re-designed the org's digital publications for the 21st century.




Social good




Graphic Designer, Freelance

Digital excerpt and book cover from a State Law and Policy Chart

The challenge

SIECUS views sex ed as a tool for large-scale social change, especially when it comes to issues of gender and racial equity, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, consent, personal safety, and autonomy.

After SIECUS launched their major rebrand in late 2019, they needed a fresh new look for a wide range of materials, including educational booklets, research reports, fact sheets, and more. The updated materials needed to be inclusive and approachable for a diverse audience of educators, advocates, and policymakers.

Desktop mockup of final designMobile mockup of final design
Eight example pages from a SIECUS report

The solution

The new layouts prominently feature SIECUS’s brand colors and diverse photographs representing many different communities. The straightforward design and conversational tone make complex documents easier for a layman to read and understand. Graphic elements like dots, circles, and blobs spark delight throughout lengthy reports.

Report cover for Comprehensive Sex Education for Youth with Disabilities: A Call to Action
Example spreads from a square-shaped book about the history of sex educationFact sheet about The Real Education for Healthy Youth Act, displayed on a clipboard that a lobbyist might use

Sex ed with pride

I created custom Pride Month illustrations for the SIECUS Instagram page, which together gathered over 1.1k likes. This is a significant increase in engagement, as a typical post by SIECUS collects less than 100 likes.

Two hands holding up smartphones that display pride month illustrations on Instagram


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